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BT-16 Tactical :: Paintball guns :: Paintball guns UK
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Paintball guns UK  » Paintball guns » BT-16 Tactical

BT-16 Tactical #SKU16136
BT-16 Tactical  Standard with car stock, M16 style barrel and M16 charge handle
6061 t-6 billet aluminum receiver
Vertical feed system
M-16 style charging handle
1 year full parts & labor warranty
Hard anodized receiver
Precision barrel system
Adjustable front grip
Dual sight/mounting rails
External velocity adjuster
Easy field stripping
Includes bt-16 barrel kit
Car stock installed
Adjustable sight rail included


Caliber: .68
Action: Semi-Automatic
Powered: CO2, Compressed Air or Nitrogen
Cycle Rate: 13BPS
Main Body Material: Billet Aluminium
Accuracy Range: 150+ft

Price: £199.95 (€ 300.12)


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